When life gives you rain, stay inside.// Remix 21


Shirt: vintage; jeggings & shoes: Target; belt: The Fainting Goat.


Hello! Today was cold, wet, and stormy in GA. Therefore, I did not go outside. Not to get the mail, not to walk the dog, not even to take pictures. I did poke my head out onto the front porch when I realizes that a gutter fell off my house, but then I quickly ducked back in and nestled up with my pets on the couch next to the Christmas tree.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the house, I didn’t have to dress for the weather today. Hence the open toed shoes and no sweater. It also meant that I would have to find a place indoors to take some decent photos. After a few failed attempts in my living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office, I finally discovered the great lighting in my sun room. Then I had to figure out what would become my makeshift tripod for the day. And the winner was… the telescope! Turns out the back end has these little compartments that my camera fit in quite nicely. I was afraid to know what would happen if it fell out though, which of course it did. The batteries and the memory card fell out, but otherwise the camera was fine!

The outfit. This is the second time I’ve worn this shirt in the challenge. I wasn’t planning on belting it today, but untucked it felt a little too much like pajamas, and my objective for the day was to NOT take a nap! (which I didn’t!) I felt very 1970’s glam today, what with my leggings, the blousy shirt, and heels. Very Naomi from Momma’s Family. I love that show.

Six days in a row wearing my glasses, I think this is a first! I decided I wanted to do heavy eye makeup today, to go with the 70’s look. Unfortunately, I can’t really see to put on makeup when I’m not wearing my contacts. I can’t really get close enough to the mirror to see and still have room to actually apply the makeup. I forgot this fun fact until after I started applying the heavy liner though. Good thing there are no close ups.


2 thoughts on “When life gives you rain, stay inside.// Remix 21

  1. oooh I adore that vintage top, and I think you styled it as I might have. A little Peg Bundy done right is always a cute look. w
    My eyes are the opposite of yours. I couldnt back out of my driveway without contacts.

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