Artists I Love: The Civil Wars// The List

I’m so excited to share with you guys the first of twelve artists that I have loved this year, The Civil Wars!

If you’ve been around me for long at all you know how much I love this duo. They’ve been performing together for just over a year, and I’ve already seen them 4 times! Every time I’ve taken at least two friends, and every one of them has left as in love with them as I am!

Genre: Folk/acoustic/Americana

How I heard of them: Joy Williams (the girl) has been performing as a solo artist for years. I saw her play a show here in Atlanta about a year ago with a group of other artists from Nashville, called Ten out of Tenn. Actually, I met her before the show in the ladies’ room before I knew she was performing that night. She commented on how pretty my tattoo was while I was washing my hands, and so we chatted a bit about tattoos. When I got back to my table, I told my friend that I had just met the nicest girl in the bathroom. When she walked up on the stage a few minutes later, I had to laugh!

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with her performance that night. When I looked her up online when I got home, I discovered that she had just started performing with this guy John Paul White as The Civil Wars. I downloaded their live album and absolutely fell in love! I swear I think I listened to it in my car non-stop for at least a month.

Dance, sit, or stand: Sit. This is group you will want to listen to. Amazing vocals like these are best appreciated sitting down.

Buy the cd?: Yes!… when it comes out in February. In the meantime, they have a 4 song EP you can purchase on iTunes. They also have a full length live recording that you can download for free here. This was recorded here in Atlanta at Eddie’s Attic (which just so happens to be my favorite venue for live music). If that wasn’t enough free music, they just added two Christmas songs for download on their MySpace page as well.

Favorite song: This is a tough one… I like so many of them! How about I pick my top three instead?

1) If I Didn’t Know Better

2) Barton Hollow

3) Falling

Favorite video: Poison & Wine

There are tons of YouTube videos of The Civil Wars performing, I could sit here and link to them all day!

They will be playing some shows out on the West Coast in December, so all of my California readers should go check them out! I seriously considered flying out to LA to visit my old roommate in a few weeks just so I could take her to their Hotel Cafe show, but then I reminded myself that I’m unemployed and broke, so probably not the best idea for my pocketbook right now.


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