Little Matchstick Lady// Remix 20

Jacket: The Fainting Goat Boutique; Dress & clogs: Target; hat:vintage; scarf: Old Navy.

I braved the cold yet again to bring you all my remix pics today. You’re welcome. I decided to work the hat and scarf into the outfit. Maybe if I could have managed some gloves and a coat as well, I may have more pictures of me smiling.

I am quite proud of outfit today for one huge reason: Clogs + Skirt! If you remember, I included these shoe in the remix because I was forced to buy them a few months ago, even though I’m not that hot for clogs. I was determined to figure out a few ways to wear them other than the typical bootleg jean look. So today, I started with my shoes and worked upwards.

This is the third time I’ve worn this dress in the remix, and the first look I actually like! I really wanted to wear a short, full skirt instead… but I didn’t include of those in my items. The sweater dress look worked pretty well in its place.

Pretty day, huh? I almost took my dog for a run this afternoon, but a test walk out to the mailbox cleared that nonsense right out of my head.

I think tomorrow I’m going to make another outfit with these shoes. Or my purple flats, I’ve only worn them once so far. I still have one shirt that I haven’t even worn yet! This may wind up being a 29 for 30 challenge instead.

Tonight I’m going to finish decorating my tree! I got the tree up and lights on over the weekend. (I think decorating is best done in stages.)


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