Workin’ It// Remix 18


Shirt: H&M; skirt & boots: Target; belt: The Fainting Goat


Hello friends! It’s been a few days, I know… but I can explain. Thursday was Thanksgiving. I wore a new remix that day, the original #18. But then I didn’t get home until after dark, so no pictures. I decided that rather than try and take some crappy ones inside (my flash doesn’t work well) I would just take a day off. Rather than count that outfit as number 18, I’m just letting it pass as a bonus mix. I didn’t like it all that much anyways.

Then Friday… well, Friday I didn’t get dressed. It was cold and rainy here in Georgia, and what with a belly full of turkey, sugar, and dairy (things I normally don’t eat), I felt that the day would best be spent curled up in bed with a book and Netfilx. Since none of my remix items are as comfy as my pjs, another day off. Today I am back in business though!

Not only did I get dressed today, I even knocked out most of my list of chores. Floors swept and mopped, dog bathed, laundry done; I even rearranged my living room to make room for my Christmas tree! That comes next, maybe tonight. I also got out in the sunny coldness and ran a few errands. Now my kitchen is stocked for the week and my dog is happy she got to spend the afternoon hanging out in the car while momma shopped.

Today’s outfit title was once again inspired by the Salvation Army bell-ringer at Kroger. As I passed her today she shouted, “Girl, you’re workin’ it.” I really like her. Now I know where to go whenever I need a little ego boost. She is really good at her job.

In other news, I’ve been rocking the Clark Kent look for the past few days. I have horrible vision. Horrible. So bad that my glasses don’t help so much, so I don’t wear them much. But I’m out of contact solution, and while writing this post I remembered that I forgot to get more today. Looks like I’ll be wearing them for a few more days. I usually try to work them into my outfit whenever I wear them, so this will be yet another challenge to this challenge.



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