I love your colors// Remix 15


Dress: vintage; jacket: Old Navy; sweater vest & boots: Target; belt: H&M.


“Hey, pretty lady….”

Not something I’m generally happy to hear while walking through a parking lot. However, when it’s coming from the Salvation Army bell-ringer standing outside of Kroger and she follows it with, “Cute outfit. I love your colors!”, well, I’ll take that any day. I count this a remix success!

Both times I’ve worn this dress during the remix challenge, complete strangers have stopped me to tell me how pretty I look. Hmm… I may have to find 15 more ways to remix this dress!

For today’s photos, I picked ones that really pick up this idea of color. I picked the one for the main image because it was really the best photo of the day to show the outfit combo. The rest I picked for color.

A few words about the outfit: I’ve never worn this combo before. I didn’t love the denim jacket over the dress, but I felt like it needed something to lighten and rough up the look if I planned on wearing these boots. Speaking of these boots… I’ve come to hate them. Not so much for what they are; I hate them because they aren’t the black boots I want to wear. I also wish they weren’t the only black shoes I included in my 30 for 30. The first thing I buy after this challenge is over is a new pair of black boots. Given my choice today, I would have paired this outfit with my dark purple peep toe heels and lost the denim.

This picture below is my favorite shot of the day. I think that the camera slid right before the timer went off, so the photo is a little off-center and totally overexposed. However, notice how the colors of my outfit still stand out! I did not editing whatsoever on this image, it just came out so perfectly! These little accidents are why I love photography so much.

Isn’t it awesome? 🙂

Since I seem to comment on my hair as much as my outfits, I teased today. I also used a little hairspray. Considering that’s all I did though and came out with such a great ‘do, I feel no shame. I should really tease more often, I’ve got the hair for it.


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