Do Over, Maker’s Mark Style// Remix 14

Dress: vintage, thrifted. Belt: vintage, The Fainting Goat Boutique; shoes: Target.

What a gorgeous day it is today! I have been saving this outfit for just a day like today. Ok, not really, but I was saving it to wear on a day when I knew I would be going somewhere. I decided to take my photos a little earlier today since it was so nice out. Unfortunately, once I got back inside and transferred them over to my laptop, I realized that my slip was showing in almost every single shot. Not peeking out showing; we’re talking crazy old lady at the grocery store, 3-4 inches on one side showing. So back out I went… only this time with whiskey in hand.

I love this dress. I bought it about 2 months ago at a thrift store my hairstylist told me about. For $17, I bought this dress, two other vintage dresses, a hat, two purses, a book (a current best-seller), and a sari. That’s right, an amazing pink and gold Indian sari for $3. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but for $3 I couldn’t pass it up. I wound up using it as a window dressing over my Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom. I’ll have to post pictures of that once I have it hanging correctly and not by clothespins.

But back to the dress. It’s a soft ivory color, but almost a buttery yellow. I used to work in the bridal industry, and I learned there that I’m an ivory, not a white. I also learned how to pick what color vest would best match any color you could throw at me, but that’s another party trick for another day.

When i first bought this dress, I thought it was handmade. I was just going by the stitching and the raw edges inside the dress. Then I noticed the tag. So not handmade in someone’s sewing room, but still handmade back when things were done without the help of computers. Have I mentioned how much I love vintage clothing?

I know that most of my 30 for 30 items seem to come from Target, but that’s not really customary for my wardrobe. I tend to buy only vintage clothes, then go to Target for my “staple” pieces. I guess when I was picking items to mix and match for 30 days, I figured that I needed a lot of staples. You should also know that I pretty much only shop the clearance racks at Target. My shoes were almost all $5 or less. Same for my cardigans. These shoes I may have paid a little more for though… I think I bought them to wear to an event.

Ah, the whiskey. Why did I need a cocktail to take another round of pictures, you ask? Well, for two reasons. One, I love whiskey. Two, my feet were KILLING me! I haven’t been wearing heels much since I stopped working a job that cared what I wore, plus this is the only pair I included in my 30 for 30. After church and shopping at Harry’s Farmers Market for my gluten-free holiday fixin’s’, I felt like I had two-inch blisters on the balls of each feet. I don’t, but that’s how it felt. So to put the shoes back on and walk around in my yard (where my heels sank, putting even more pressure on my non-blisters), I needed a little happiness to take my mind off the pain. It worked; I loved the second round even more!


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