Secondhand Goats & Yesterday’s Hair// Remix 12


Sweater: DKNY Jeans, from The Fainting Goat Boutique; Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch, from Goodwill; shoes: Target; belt: The Fainting Goat.

I can’t believe I’m 12 days into this remix and I still have new items to wear! Today I’m introducing you to two of my favorite pieces of clothing, this sweater and these jeans. Both were thrifted, sorta, and both I love, love, love!

First, the sweater. You can’t really tell it in these pictures, mostly because I’m wearing a tan cami under it, but it’s totally see through. Meaning that it’s full of holes. Sounds weird, but trust me, it makes for a very interesting look. I have it in pink too, and it was a tough choice to pick which one was going into my 30. Since it’s full of holes, it’s perfect for those fall days when you want a little warmth but a regular sweater would be too much. This is actually the first time I’ve worn it with a belt; I think I like it better this way!

I got this sweater from my store. By got, I mean I took it. And the pink one. You can do that when you’re the owner. It’s funny, for the longest time whenever someone would ask me where I got it (or anything else I got from my store), I would say something like, From a friend (most of our inventory initially was donated),  or It’s secondhand, but I wouldn’t just say that it was from my store. I guess since I didn’t find it or buy it, it just felt weird to say that I got it from the Goat. It’s not like they could go buy one if they wanted to since all of our items are one of a kind. Only recently have I really felt comfortable answering confidently, Oh this? This is from The Fainting Goat Boutique. It’s a conversation starter. Much like this sweater is. Just be careful wearing it on a first date, it can lead to some awkward staring.

Now on to the jeans. They are from Abercrombie & Fitch, but I got them at the Goodwill for $4.95. I’m not sure I’ve ever even set foot in an A&F store. But these are seriously the best fitting jeans I have ever found. Plus, they are a size 6, which is always a good thing. They’re actually 6 Long, which means I have to wear them with heels, but it also means that I can wear them with my 3-5 inch heels & wedges and they still fall at an acceptable length. Definitely a secondhand score!

Yesterday  I didn’t like my hair. Last night, after a failed attempt at a relaxing bubble bath (scalded ankles, wine in the tub… and it was the last of the bottle, ran out of hot water on round two, and ended with an allergic reaction to my new bath oil but only on the backs of my legs), I went to bed with my hair in a bun. Today, when I went to get dressed and took my hair down, it was perfect! I literally had to do nothing except brush it and run some Botanix serum through the ends. Big curls. Lots of volume. I’m a lucky girl when it comes to hair.




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