I don’t want to alarm you, but…// Remix 11


Shirt: vintage Memaw; Sweater, skirt, boots: Target; belt: TFGB; tights: who knows.


I own five pairs of blue tights. I used to work in a cubicle. Every time I wore a pair of my tights, one of my favorite coworkers would walk by, stop, back up, then say in perfect deadpan, I don’t want to alarm you but your legs are blue. Or purple, or pink, or whatever other color my tights were that day. Some people would find this annoying, some people would get sick of hearing the same joke every day. Not me though. I loved that she noticed, and that my attire brought a little joy and amusement into the place, even if it was just for one person.

I like today’s outfit, but not today’s pictures. Things started to go wrong when I forgot to take them. I was sitting in my “office” at 5:15pm when I noticed it was getting pretty dark outside. I looked at my dog sitting beside me and felt like there was something I was forgetting to do with her. Then it dawned on me that I was supposed to be outside taking my picture! I barely managed to get a few rounds in before the sun set. If you scan through the proofs in order, its like looking at a flip book of a girl standing outside during a solar eclipse. Great for amusing small children, not so much for fashion blogging.

I also don’t like my hair today. I liked it when I fixed it, but that was 7 hours and a nap before I took these pictures. I think I want to cut my bangs again.

Since all of the shots I took were either awkward, under exposed, or out of focus, I played around with my editing tools a little. Hello glowing edges and color boost! This one below was the only pose that I actually liked from the entire set, but it was towards the end so way too dark. (Note that by this point I had also given up on the hair and pulled it into a bun.) Nothing that a little contrast editing and antique filter can’t fix though! πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “I don’t want to alarm you, but…// Remix 11

  1. Not sure how many followers you have, but must say I have been looking forward to your remixes everyday now…I really like this outfit…you look super skinny;)

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