World Spins Madly On// Remix 10

Sweater & boots: Target; Dress: maybe Marshall's? I can't remember; pearls: China 🙂

Forget the remix challenge, I’m going to wear this outfit everyday for the next 20 days! I love, love , love it. Ok, so maybe I won’t wear it everyday, and maybe I’ll stick with the challenge. But this is by far my favorite outfit so far.

Wearing this outfit today reminded me how important it is to find your own style and not just wear what’s “in.” I will always be a dress and skirt girl. I will also always be a pale pink and lace girl. You can’t really tell it in these pics, but this dress have tiny little roses all over the bust, with touches of silver thread in the edges for extra sparkle. It’s just enough glam to be delicately pretty.

If you’re paying close attention, you may have caught that this dress wasn’t part of my original 30 for 30. I wanted it to be, but on Sunday night when I was gathering my items it was nowhere to be found. I subbed another dress in its place, in case I really had lost it, but then found it hanging on the backside of my laundry room door sometime last week. I had already worn the dress that I added in its place, but I really wanted to wear this dress so I traded it for one of the long sleeve t-shirts that I had included (it was hot pink).

I’m going to see The Weepies tonight at Variety Playhouse. I’m so excited! I love The Weepies, and I love having a good excuse for driving into the city during the week. They were the inspiration for my outfit today: kinda folksy, kinda hippie, and a lot of fun. 🙂

In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, here’s a video for you. You’ve probably heard their music on commercials lately. I was reading in their bio today that they took a year off of touring after the birth of their child, but because of all their commercial usage, their popularity grew more than when they were on the road all the time. Funny how that works out sometimes.


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