Semantics// Remix 9

Sweater & belt: The Fainting Goat; "dress" & boots: Target.

I had a friend in college who kept a note tacked to the inside of the front door to her apartment that said, “Are you wearing pants?” Apparently there was a precedent for this needed reminder.

Today’s outfit takes remixing to a whole new level. Some people (like Target) may call this purple thing a shirt. Today, I call it a dress. My motto is, if it covers the bottom, you can wear it without pants. Ok, so I added some leggings for the sake of warmth. But who knows, we do have some hot and humid summer days here in Georgia.

My second remix accomplishment today was pairing this “dress” and sweater together. I would never, ever, ever have thought to mix these two items were it not for the remix. I haven’t worn the sweater yet, and I like to get everyone out of the closet at least once before I start seriously repeating/remixing. I love the color combo!

Finally, the icing on the remixing cake: the brown belt! This dress has a built-in black elastic belt so I naturally planned on wearing my black boots today. They hit lower than these brown ones though, right below my calves. When I put them on, I had two thoughts: 1) I look like Robin Hood; and 2) I look like I’m not wearing any pants. Given my limited shoe choices, I felt kinda stuck with them though. UNTIL… I decided to add a brown belt! Then the brown boots, which were a more appropriate height for pantslessness, fit right into the picture. I think adding the brown balanced out the bright color contrast better than black one as well. I love how this challenge is really make me think outside of the box and put a little more effort into getting dressed everyday!


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