Indoor Clothes// Remix 8


Shirt: H&M; jeans & shoes: Target.


It’s been a cold and wet day in Georgia today. Luckily, I had no reason to go outside. Normally, days like today would find me wearing my pjs all day. But thanks to this remix challenge, I actually got up and got dressed today… then crawled back into bed to work online for the rest of the morning.

Despite spending a few extra hours under the covers, my day was exceptionally productive. I finished four sessions in a small business class that I’ve been working on since March. I brainstormed and mapped out some structure for this blog that I will be implementing this week. I also spent a couple of hours sorting through more inventory from my shop. I can’t believe how much good stuff is in there still! In addition to my Etsy store where I list vintage items, later this week I’m starting up a virtual Yard Sale, where I will be able to sell some of the non-vintage clothing at clearance prices. (Most will be $10, including shipping.) But more about that later…

About this outfit… I love these shoes!! I got them super cheap on clearance ($4, I think?), like most of the things I buy at Target. They feel like you’re wearing house shoes! I also love this shirt, although it’s a little short. This type of button up never really fits me right though, so I’m at least glad that I found one that is passable. The jeans, I loved them when I first bought them at the beginning of summer (also on clearance!). Now that they’ve faded and stretched out, I just like them. Some days more than others.


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