Pretty// Remix 7

Dress: vintage, Ebay; belt: Old Navy; boots: Target; tights: gift.

I am in sore need of an afternoon nap, so this will be short. I love this dress, but every time I put it on I get a little nervous about wearing it. You definitely can’t blend into the scenery in this dress. In a world of neutrals, she screams color. My nervousness went away though when a complete stranger told me that I looked very pretty today in the bathroom before church.

I bought the dress on Ebay a few years ago. I liked it so much, I bought another dress from the same seller a few weeks later. I wish I could remember that store’s name… The belt I bought at Old Navy, on clearance for $1.00. It matches perfectly! The dress has an elastic waist band but no belt, so this is a good thing. The tights were a gift from a friend after her husband told her they were too blue for her. We worked together and she saw me wear blue tights at least once a week, so she knew I would give them a good home.

I went to 4 stores this afternoon looking for my moisturizer. With no luck, I came home and spent another hour trying to order it online. Spend $12 more and get free shipping… who knew it would be so hard to find $12 worth of beauty supplies (and only $12). That has nothing to do with the outfit, it just helps explain why I deserve a nap now.


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