Oscar and Me// Remix 6

Dress and boots: Target; belt: thrifted*; scarf: vintage Oscar de la Renta

Fun facts about today’s remix:

  • I once got in trouble for wearing this dress to work. My manager said it was too short. I just stared at here. Prior to this, I had worn this dress almost once a week for two years, and no one had ever commented on it’s like. She lost the battle totally when five minutes later she told my coworker her skirt was too short too. (She had been wearing her skirt to work for years, and years, and years.) You can guess what we both wore to work the day after she went upstairs for a meeting and never came back.

  • Originally I was wearing another belt, but when I looked at the pictures I discovered that it, coupled with my tights, gave me major rolls in the middle. Not flattering. In fact, after looking at the first round of photos, I was in horror that I had actually worn this dress as much as I have. It looked sooo bad! Luckily now I know it was just elastic waistbands and poor camera angles that were to blame.

  • These are the first pics I’ve posted inside my house. This is in my bedroom. Note the hat rack covered in purses, the dance bag under the wardrobe, and the empty wall about the chest. I’m working on an art project this weekend that will be hanging there shortly. Also note my laptop. This is the ONE place in my entire house that my wireless card will get enough signal to actually work online. And by work, I mean watch five seasons of Weeds on Netflix instant viewing in one weeks time.

  • I don’t have a remote for my camera, just a 10 second timer. I have to hit the button then run and pose. Sometimes I don’t quite make it.

  • I found this scarf in a storage closet upstairs a few weeks ago. An entire box of vintage scarves, just sitting there! Sure, they may be my mom’s and/or great grandmother’s from when they were  younger, if you want to belive what the box was labeled, but I choose to belive they were magically left for me by the vintage clothes fairies who know I’m broke and can’t afford to buy myself anything new. I went to put this one on today and realized that not only is it beautiful, not only is it silk, it is also vintage Oscar de la Renta! Thank you little fairies (or mom)!

I’ll leave you with one last pic from my shoot today. I admit, I cropped myself out of this one completely. 🙂

I have never, ever, EVER seen Annie sit this still!


2 thoughts on “Oscar and Me// Remix 6

  1. I love the dress and the boots! It’s amazing what great stuff you can find at Target.
    The headscarf is a great touch, too.

    How, exactly, does one acquire magical vintage fairies? I’d very much like a few of my own. 🙂

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