Oh, hello :)

I realized yesterday that I’ve had a lot of new visitors lately because of the 30 for 30 challenge thing (I know, my observation skills can be slow sometimes). Since this is a fairly new blog and doesn’t really tell much about me (Elizabeth) I thought it would be neighborly  to introduce myself and tell you a little more about my life. (Sidenote: I am generally not a very neighborly person. Not that I’m mean or cold, I just never go out of my way to introduce myself. Granted I’ve never really lived in the type of place where anyone knows their neighbors, but still.)

For starters, I live in the house I grew up, just outside of Atlanta, Ga. My parents moved last year so I’m squatting in the empty house (i.e. no rent). My living conditions allowed me the freedom to quit a job that I hated back in September, although the plan was to find another one in a month or so. Two months later, I’m still unemployed and starting to feel like I should really get on looking for something. I share my house with my babies, Annie and Gus. I’ve had them since they were babies, both were orphans, so they don’t really understand that they aren’t the same. Gus (the cat) barks and Annie (the dog) likes to curl up in my lap.

I inherited two more cats with the house, Smokey and Pinky, aka Betty White. They were born when I was in high school and they came with the house. Betty passed away this summer, but Smokey is slowly working his way into being part of the family. Just last week he started sitting in the same room as the rest of us. (We’ve been sharing the house for a year now.) No pictures of him, he’s also not very neighborly.

In 2007 my friend Julie and I started a clothing business, The Fainting Goat Boutique. After a good year or so, she had to back out when she became the mother of two adorable twin girls, Audrie and Vivi. Along with daddy Nathan, they are my second family now. (My first being my parents, my brothers, a sister-in-law, and a nephew.) If you stick around, you’ll probably hear more about them all. After a hiatus for grad school, I started the business back up a few months ago. I love this project and I’m excited about the places that I can take it over the next few years.

Some interesting facts about me…

1. I am a celiac, meaning I can’t eat gluten (wheat, barley, rye, etc.). I was lucky enough to not have a problem with it until I was 25, so I plenty of years to get my feel of Krispy Kremes and Twinkies. I’ve been clean for about 6 years now, and I can honestly say I don’t miss it one bit. (Not feeling like I’m dying helps with that.) In addition to that, I’m also a sometimes vegan. Right now is one fo those times. Although I do make occasional allowances for cheese when eating out, because good luck finding no meat, no dairy, no gluten meals at most non-hippie restaurants. I love, love, love food and I am a wonderful cook, so I plan to start sharing recipes and food stuff on here as time goes on.

2. I was a blond for the first 20 years of my life, but I’ve been a redhead for the past 10. When I see old pictures of myself, I seriously do not even recognize me. Sometimes I think of Blond EB as a sister that I’ve lost touch with. I die my hair all the time, so don’t be surprised if my hair color changes pretty frequently. At this point, it changes from day to day all on its own.

3. I want to move and try out a new city for a while. More about that later.

4. I turned 30 back in September. I celebrated with three parties, one being a 3 day girls trip to Savannah. I only feel old when I am surfing fashion blogs and realize that I am old enough to be some of the girls mothers. Yikes.

5. I love to write.

6. I got  my first tattoo last year. I love it, and already have plans for at least three more. I also have a nose ring, and have seriously considered getting my lip pierced for a week or two now. Prior to that, I hated them though, so I may hold off a bit on that idea for now.

7. I have great ideas and possess incredible problem solving skills, yet I also seriously lack motivation most days. That, and I am also painfully indecisive. Just ask anyone who’s ever gone out to eat with me.

8. I have a sewing room with 4 sewing machines and shelves full of vintage fabric… but I don’t sew.

9. I love my church. It is one of the few reasons I would hate to leave Atlanta.

10. In my dream life, I live on a farm, with a lake, and fields where I grow my own food. I have chickens and cows and goats and pigs (and a husband to take care of the fields and animals while I sit by the lake and write).

That’s enough for now I suppose. You should feel honored, you now know more about me than any of my former neighbors! I look forward to getting to know more about you guys as this journey continues, so leave a comment and introduce yourself!

– EB


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