Memaw was here// Remix 4


Shirt: vintage Memaw; jeans & boots: Target.

I was blessed as a child to see both sets of my grandparents on an almost daily basis. My dad’s parents, Memaw and Papaw MJ, lived next door (or as next door as you can get when you live on a farm). My Memaw was an awesome lady, who had a very interesting sense of style. After she passed away a few years ago, I got a lot of her clothing. I would have to say that her farm-chic-vintage style has been one of the greatest influences on my own. I say all that because this was her shirt. In her later years, she wore these shirts everyday. Loose, free waisted and never tucked in, and always with some sort of pattern (usually plaid). I found a huge bag of these shirts about a year ago, and so far I’ve worked out 6 of them into my wardrobe. (Side note: a lot have tobacco stains on them, so if anyone has ideas on how to get the stains out, I would be greatly appreciative!!)

So far, my favorite aspect of this challenge has been  using my camera again! I forgot how much I loved photography! Seriously, for almost a year I had no clue where my camera even was. It’s been fun wandering around my yard, looking for neat backdrops for each outfit post. Today I discovered that when I propped a metal wash tub  on top of the casing in the well house in my front yard, I could take self portraits in front of this gorgeous field right beside my house. back when this was an actual farm, corn grew here mostly; now that I live here and the farming has ceased, it’s mostly a place for the deer to bed down at night. See that house in the background, though? That’s my Memaw’s house. It’s vacant now, and originally sat a few hundred yards further away. When Papaw MJ sold the farm after Memaw died, my dad had the house moved over to our side of the land.

My favorite part of this outfit is the shirt. Aside from sentimental attachments, it’s sooo comfy! There was a time in my life where I would have felt self-conscience wearing a shirt this large and free form. I would have thought that it made me look fat. Granted, I sometimes wear it belted (which I can guarantee you will see at some point) or buttoned under a cardigan (which you will most likely also see), but my favorite is this look: loose, free, comfortable. This is as close to a baggy t-shirt as this girl gets.

For the record, my dog has never set foot inside of that doghouse. It came with the yard. The only way she would dare do in is if I went in first.




One thought on “Memaw was here// Remix 4

  1. A. You’re are so beautiful girl! B. I love this outfit. Cozy, stylish, and fab. accessories! Happy your blogging (for real). Love reading it and added you to my list! Thanks for the comment girl! YES, any dates you have in mind for visiting?!!!!! Email me your thoughts.

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