Take the Shoes, Leave the Belt// Remix 3


Shirt, sweater, skirt, shoes: Target; belt: vintage.

It’s started. I have begun to hold out on myself when it comes to picking outfits. I knew I wanted to wear these shoes today (more about that later) so I started there. It’s warm out today, so I thought it would be a good chance to wear this skirt without tights. I initially planned on wearing another shirt though, which would have taken the outfit in an entirely different direction. Problem is, I liked the original outfit too much to wear it today. I’ve found myself thinking of outfits only to weigh the cuteness of the outfit against what I have planned for that day. Today, for example, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving my house until I go to my dance class tonight, so no point in wasting a perfectly cute outfit. So I settled for one this one.


The story of the shoes: I don’t really care for these shoes. In fact, I don’t really dig the whole “clog” look. A few weeks ago though I went to a concert. I wore really cute 3 inch snakeskin heels. My poor feet didn’t even make it through dinner before the show. So I ran to Target to get some new heels that wouldn’t hurt so bad. I was wearing my long jeans that night so I needed something with at least a 2 inch heel. Target had NO HIGH HEELS!! I kept wandering up and down the aisles, wondering allowed where the heels were. These were the only shoes that they had for sale with a heel on them at all. I’m still wondering what the heck that was all about. Anyway, since I paid good money for these shoes, I figured I would add them to the remix challenge. Who knows, maybe this will make a clog lover out of me after all.


One thought on “Take the Shoes, Leave the Belt// Remix 3

  1. I do that too! I have a couple of outfits saved in my head, but there’s no point in wearing them where only I see them. Now I just have to have the patience to wait and wear them.

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