Fashion Challenge: 30 for 30


About two months ago, I quit my day job. I wish I could say it was to focus on The Fainting Goat Boutique full-time, but that wouldn’t totally be true… let’s just say that it’s a happy by-product of the choice. Since I no longer have neither a dress code dictating my daily attire or coworkers to impress with my keen fashion sense, I’ve noticed that my ability to get dressed every day has slowly diminished into only putting on clothes when I have to leave the house. This past week, I noticed in fact that I wore the same pair of grey leggings and cream sweater four days in a row. Now for some people (mostly those living in Europe) this would be totally acceptable. But for someone who works in fashion, pajamas all day every day just won’t cut it.

So last Thursday, when I read that one of my favorite bloggers, Kendi from Kendi Everday, was issuing a 30 for 30 Remix Challenge to her readers, I decided to join in. What’s a 30 for 30 Remix? Basically, it means selecting 30 items from your closet and creating 30 different outfits over the next 30 days. “Items” include your basics, like pants, shirts, sweaters, dresses, shoes, etc. Sounds easy? Well, maybe for some of you… but I have a lot of clothes. Not to mention that living in Atlanta, you have to be prepared to dress for three seasons as once. But I’m up for a little challenge! It’s good for me, right?

After much, much deliberation, here are the items that I have chosen. I must say, I never thought that I would find myself bargaining between a black sweater and gold high heels, but that’s what I did tonight. (The heels won.) I picked a lot of my favorite items, but I threw in a few newer pieces and some flashier items for fun. To these, I can add all the accessories that I want. (I decided that tights and camies are accessories for the purpose of this game.)

5 pairs of shoes...


...2 jackets...

...3 pairs of pants...

...1 skirt...

...4 dresses...

...6 sweaters...

... and 9 shirts!



I’ll be posting pictures of my outfits each day, so be sure to check back and see how I manage to mix and match!


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