A Tale of Two Pants

Bright Sunshiny Day Pants

Last November, I moved into a new house, and brought all of the inventory for The Fainting Goat with me. Everything was placed (thrown) into two empty bedrooms upstairs, until I could find the time to sort, separate, unpack and set up my new storeroom. Ten months later, I finally found the time this past weekend.

As I sorted through the plastic bins and hanging racks of clothes, I began to realize how much styles have changed since we started this business. That pair of snake-skin print, high-waisted jeans with just a touch of shimmer that were a total laugh back in 2007 actually look kinda hip now. That flower print shirt that we couldn’t give away back in 2008? Well, it may or may not be a part of my own wardrobe now.

One of the items that I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten was this aweseomly lovely pair of yellow linen pants, the Bright Sunshiny Day pants. I remember when I first got these pants. It was back in my college days, and my mom was cleaning out her closets (that’s right, plural). She and I have complete opposite tastes, so I wasn’t really expecting to get much out of the purge, but she surprised me with these pants. Actually, at the time, I thought the pants were hideous, but they came as part of a set, with a matching blazer and skirt. I loved the skirt so I took all three to appease her. Ah,the yellow skirt… but that’s a story for another day. I’m not sure whatever became of the blazer, but the pants hung out in my closet for a few years until The Fainting Goat was born, at which time they became “inventory”.

Bright Sunshiny Day Pants, for sale at The Fainting Goat Boutique

The first time these lovely pants were assessed for their vintage value, I must confess that their sheer unattractiveness was their main asset. (You true vintage lovers know what I’m talking about.) That and their pristine condition, having never even been worn. We priced them low, took some cute pictures of them for the website, and weren’t too shocked when they didn’t fly off the shelf.

Fast forward three years later. On Monday when I pulled these guys out of their storage bin, it was as if I had discovered an entirely new pair of pants! The high waist- love it. The pleats- love it. The tapered legs with tiny ankle cuff- love, love, love!! All it took was a little time, and suddenly this pair of pants had hit it’s fashion rhythm again. They say that styles cycle around every few years, and I totally agree! (Side note- this makes owning a vintage store awesome! If something doesn’t sell, just put it in a closet for a few years and bam! new inventory.)

Later that same day, literally just a few hours, I was doing my usual afternoon research (blog reading) when I noticed an ad for American Apparel that caught my eye. Here’s why:

For sale by American Apparel

The pants!  My pants! There they were, for sale for $78 brand spanking new. Further proof that 1) I know my trends, and 2) fashion is and will always be subjective to the times. I remember just a few short years ago seeing a picture of a girl wearing a miniskirt and cropped leggings and thinking, ugh, not again. Now I could wear this look every day and be a happy girl. And while I still do not think that I have the body type to rock these pants, I can totally see that on the right person they would be fabulously stylish.

I’m learning that in life, the things that you accept begrudgingly in the beginning may turn out to surprise you in the end. Styles may not match, the fit may not be just right, the timing may be altogether off. Let it sit for a while though, and you may one day find that the thing you’ve been searching for was hiding in the back of your dresser drawer all along.