Thursday update… hello again!

You know what they say about the best intentions, right? I keep telling myself that I will get the store open THIS week, and then this week turns into next week, and then before I know it two months have passed… Soon though, I promise. I’ve begun selecting the inventory for our first “collection”. I’ll post a sneak peek as soon as I figure out how (still trying to get the hang of this whole blog thing).

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and got inspired to start making lists. I have sooo many ideas stuck in my head and I just never slow down enough to get them all out, which is the first step to making them happen! I even have a tiny notebook in my purse that I bought about a month ago for just this purpose, yet I haven’t even opened it yet! Time to get started sharing some of the things that make me smile with you guys! Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered so many artists (from many genres) that I want to share with all my friends out there (which is the whole point of this blog). Time to get to work!

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