Fresh Face

This post has been a long time coming.

(which goes without saying considering it’s been about a year since my last post.)

A lot has changed in my day-to-day life. I leave my house every morning and go to a job that I love. A job where someone else signs my paycheck and I am thankful for that. A job that gives me the freedom to grow and develop as a professional, as a leader, as a person. A job that lets me pay all my bills at one time each month and have enough left over to enjoy life a little more.

A lot is still the same. I’m still me, beauty marks and all.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may notice things look a little different around here. When I decided it was time to start writing again, the first thing I did was simplify the look of this site. No more links to other blogs, no fancy headers.

To be honest, I got a little burnt out on the blog world. It began to feel like everyone was saying the same thing. As soon as one original idea popped up on a blog somewhere, the next time a dozen other blogs were talking about the same thing. The more I read, the more it all started to sound like white noise to me.  I began to wonder if my voice was just contributing to that noise. So I stopped blogging.

In my silence, I was hoping to find my true voice again. I wasn’t sure if that voice would belong in the blog world. I’m still not.

I want to start writing again though. I want to start taking photos again of things that I love, things that inspire me. I want to have a place to process my world, to put lines around the things I touch each day. If this inspires or entertains someone else, wonderful. If not, that’s fine too. This is for me.

I ask that you bear with me for a while. I’ll be trying some new things here until I figure out what fits. Things may get a little more deep than what color shoes I’m wearing today. Or I may just start posting pictures of my adorable dogs all the time. The design aspect of the site will evolve over time, when it feels right.

I’m excited to see where this goes. And by finally posting this, I’m committing to myself that it is going to go somewhere, which is pretty exciting too.






Interior by Dorothy Parker

Her mind lives in a quiet room,
A narrow room, and tall,
With pretty lamps to quench the gloom
And mottoes on the wall.

There all the things are waxen neat
And set in decorous lines;
And there are posies, round and sweet,
And little, straightened vines.

Her mind lives tidily, apart
From cold and noise and pain,
And bolts the door against her heart,
Out wailing in the rain.

Making space for the small things

This past weekend, my lovely friend Kristin came over and did a little modeling for me so that I could have pictures to list some of my small and extra small items in The Fainting Goat’s Etsy shop. We had so much fun! I had forgotten how it feels to just be behind the camera for a day and not have to worry about how my own hair looks. I can’t wait to get these awesome pieces listed so that you smaller ladies can shop too! I’ll be adding pieces over the next few weeks, but in the meantime here are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot. (I’ll think you’ll be able to tell how much fun we were having!)

The wind kept blowing the backdrop up. I love Kristin's " Wind, you best go home" look in this pic.

This outfit looked adorable on Kristin, but was SOOOO not her own personal style! I kept laughing whenever I looked at her!

She even made this Jersey Shore/Sopranos wedding dress look amazing!